GREEN ROMANCE ORCHESTRA *​*​* Play Parts I & V *Extended Version with Bonus Tracks

by Green Romance Orchestra

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philip-johnmauro Some of the most compelling beats, grooving bass lines, expressionistic and solid vocal ideas, reserved and slick lyricism, the Green Romance Orchestra deserves a higher status in the rock universe. I am impressed by the sound quality of the album, but selfishly I dont care about fidelity. The music is great! Favorite track: Given The Time.
Paula Lane
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Paula Lane LOVE YOU GUYS! How about playing my 50th Birthday at Whiterock Lake on 9/8? Favorite track: Sleep.
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Brittle 04:25
lyrics by David Abbruzzese
lyrics by Neil & Slavens
High 03:41
lyrics by J. Paul Slavens
lyrics by J. Paul Slavens
Tree 03:44
J. Paul Slavens
Dust 03:22
lyrics: J. Paul Slavens
Second Sight 03:44
J. Paul Slavens
Sleep 02:59
lyrics: J. Paul Slavens
Look Away 04:08
J. Paul Slavens
J. Paul Slavens
J. Paul Slavens
Remains 04:38
lyrics by David Abbruzzese
By Abbruzzese & Slavens
lyrics by Abbruzzese & Slavens
lyrics: J. Paul Slavens


Green Romance Orchestra was formed by drummer Dave Abbruzzese after he got turfed by that oh-so-emotional rock enterprise known as Pearl Jam, and this CD is formed by solid rock songs built on dynamics, thoughtful instrumental breaks and J. Paul Slavens' soulful voice. Whether he is talk singing à la Robbie Robertson or Tom Wilson or displaying a frail falsetto, he is nothing short of compelling. "Second Sight," "Waiting for Sid" and "Look Away" are elevated by peerless rhythmic interplay between Abbruzzese and crack stick player Gary Muller. The latter, with his pulsing, simmering groove, wouldn't be unwelcome on one of Peter Gabriel's albums.
Most of these songs were borne of jam sessions, and you can feel the "let's just relax and create" vibe all through the album. Green Romance Orchestra will be embraced by rock radio -- if the programmers can tear themselves away from their corporate blow jobs long enough to give this a whirl.
An excellent debut and a total surprise.

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released March 19, 2017

David Abbruzzese -Drums -GTR -Bass -Keys
J. Paul Slavens -Vocals -GTR -Keys
Doug Neil -GTR -Bass -Wine Glasses
Gary Muller -Chapman Stick

Produced by David Abbruzzese
Mixed by Abbruzzese & Castell
Engineered by David Castell
Recorded at RSVP studio Garland, TX
Recorded at The Marshall House Denton, TX

Additional personel; Darrel Phillips -Bass GTR
Art Hayes -Sax


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